Welcome to Chigliak.

Chigliak is a record label devoted to releasing extraordinary albums that were never commercially released. We, at Chigliak, believe the records we choose to put out are very deeply special and deserve to be in the homes of listeners who may not subscribe to the notion that life changing music is both popular and current. Some of our records were locally released and never put out on vinyl. Some of our records will be new recordings from Artists whom we simply can’t live without on vinyl. Artists such as Amateur Love, Sarah Siskind, and 12 Rods have albums that we plan on releasing in our first year of vinyl releases, all with digital downloads.

We plan to have great exclusive media content on our website for Chigliak subscribers, such as unreleased tracks and never released live video.

We all have that band that changed our lives, that you feel like not nearly enough people have heard. This is Chigliak’s modus operandi; be changed and enjoy.